Re loca

18 August 2019 14:00 - 15:35
Doors open
13:30 - 14:15
Living in Buenos Aires, forty-something Pilar feels that she's at a dead end: her artist husband is both pretentious and vague, her good-for-nothing son is skipping school, and things aren't so peachy at her ad agency job either. Add to that some drama with her sister and friends, and the panic attack she has one day seems inevitable. Time to change course, with the help of a healer. According to his analysis, she has been internalizing her emotions, instead of releasing them. With a special ritual he shows her how to change this, but in doing so he opens up the floodgates. The question arises: Is the cure worse than the ailment?

Re loca is the third version of this biting, hilarious comedy — after the Chilean original Sin filtro (2016) and the Spanish remake Sin rodeos (2018) — this time by debuting Argentinian director Martino Zaidelis. The leading role is convincingly played by Uruguayan actress Natalia Oreiro.

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